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First Marriage Then Love 《先婚厚爱》Chapter 100 Translation

100. I will! 

The next day when she arrived at the company, she happened to bump into the rushing Chen Cheng.

Because she was running quite quickly, Chen Cheng was breathing quite erratically. Seeing An Ran, somewhat out of breath, she calls out, “Gu, Gu jie.”

An Ran nods, and faintly asks, “Is your house far from the company?”

With great difficulty, she managed to even out her breath. Chen Cheng nods, and says, “Kind of far.” In this decade of sky-high housing prices, her being the only one working temporarily, not to talk about only buying a house, to rent a room you need rent in the suburbs, while the company happened to be right in the city center, so thusly, every day she needs to wake up in the dark, and return from work in the dark.

An Ran doesn’t ask much more. She looks at the time, and just says, “Let’s go up, if we don’t then your effort of running will have gone to waste.” Saying that, she takes the lead and goes over to the elevator.

The two arrive at the office door, only to see the front-desk receptionist give a slight smile to An Ran and softly calls her Gu jie, then when she caught sight of Chen Cheng coming up from behind, the expression in her eyes seemed to change and look sympathetic. This change was quite evident to An Ran and Chen Cheng, and the two exchange glances with one another. An Ran turns to look at the receptionist and asks, “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

The receptionist smiles awkwardly, and just says, “You’ll know when you go in.”

An Ran glances at her, doesn’t ask much more, and goes into the office hall.

The two then enter, only to see Ling Lin watch them come in. She quickly gets up, a smile hanging off of the corner of her mouth, carrying provocation, disdain. She walks over to An Ran and Chen Cheng, looks at both of them as she stood in front of An Ran. She glances over her, then stands in front of Chen Cheng who was behind An Ran. She says sharply, “I think you’ve been defeated today.” She looks at the bag of material and documents in her hands, and sneers, “I’m afraid you’ll have to give up those materials now. You weren’t here yesterday afternoon, but the director already announced—” She purposely pauses, looks at her, and says, “You’ve been fired!”

Hearing that, Chen Cheng glares at her, tightening her grasp on the materials in her hands. Her lips were pursed because she was furious, and she was slightly shaking. It was when Ling Ran was arrogantly pleased with herself, that An Ran who was behind her asked a co-worker who was observing, “Is the director here?”

“Yeah, he’s here.” Someone replied.

An Ran nods, turns to look at Ling Lin, and says, “I said that I wouldn’t let you drive her out, also, I’ve also said that I will have you investigated into taking responsibility for planning to ruin my sample.”

Ling Lin didn’t care, sneers, and doesn’t fully listen to her speech. She says, “You think the director will listen to you? Don’t forget who my father is, even if the director will give Su Yi Cheng face, don’t tell me that he’d disregard my dad’s face? What a joke!”

An Ran doesn’t mind her, just turns around and looks at Chen Cheng, and says, “Take a seat and wait for me.” Then she turns and walks straight towards Huang De Xing’s office.

“Knock knock knock.” An Ran softly knocked on Huang De Xing’s door.

Not long after Huang De Xing’s voice can be heard, “Come in.”

Opening the door, Huang De Xing was wearing his glasses, at the moment he seemed to be concentrated on looking at something on the computer.

An Ran didn’t even have time to put down her briefcase, and just carries her case into Huang De Xing’s office and stands in front of his desk, “Director.”

Huang De Xing then raises his head, looking at An Ran standing in front of him. He smiles, “An Ran ah, is there something you need?”

“Did you fire Chen Cheng.” Not beating around the bush, An Ran gets right to the point.

“Uh.” Huang De Xing was taken aback. He smiles, “So it was that.” He removes the glasses sitting on his nosebridge, then continues, “You are also aware of Ling Lin’s status, even if I don’t look at the monk I have to look at the Buddha’s face. After all Ling Lin is Mayor Ling’s golden child, I should at least give Mayor Lin some face. As for Chen Cheng, I know that she is a good employee. Having her, our Jing Cheng will definitely go up to unimaginable heights. I also feel regretful for expelling her, but for the company’s hair, we have to consider the situation. Ling Lin is after all Mayor Ling’s golden child, if I offend her, then undoubtedly I am not respecting Mayor Ling. Therefore An Ran ah, for everyone’s benefit, I can only expel Chen Cheng. This point, I hope you can understand.”

An Ran looks at him. She stared at him without even winking, her face expressionless, not even saying a word.

Looking at her like so, Huang De Xing also says, “Concerning Chen Cheng, I will write a recommendation letter to another company. According to Chen Cheng’s strengths and her natural gift of designing, regardless where, I believe that she is gold, she can shine anywhere.” Saying that, Huang De Xing goes around his desk, walks over to face An Ran, and says, “The matter has been decided. Don’t worry too much about it, I will get you another assistant.”

“If Director insists on driving out Chen Cheng, then why don’t you expel me as well.” Looking at him, An Ran says indifferently.

“You….” Huang De Xing looks at her, somewhat distracted. Only a while later does he manage a response. He looks at An Ran and says, “An Ran, you, this, aren’t you making things difficult.”

“I am not, I just hope that the company can have fair treatment with every employee, and not because of a certain person’s powerful background, abuse her authority. We are all employees of the company, we all expect equal treatment, if the company is unable to treat every employee fairly, then, there would be no reluctance in leaving this company.” An Ran looks at him, her face serious and grave as she spoke.

“An Ran, you, are you pressuring me?” Huang De Xing looks at her, embarrassed. He can’t offend Ling Lin, but he also can’t offend An Ran! The Ke Ji City project was about to start, and according to his sources, Su Yi Cheng is going to be the main person in charge, and An Ran was Su Yi Cheng’s wife, offending her would undoubtedly be offending Su Yi Cheng as well. Even if Jing Cheng and Xu Dong’s Tong Wen hai collaborates later on, then wouldn’t that be useful! If Su Yi Cheng doesn’t respond, then right now he is completely useless.

“Director, you are being too serious. I just want the company to treat Chen Cheng fairly. She hasn’t done anything wrong, just because of the words of others, then, without cause, would expel her. To her, that is quite unfair.” An Ran says, “Besides, the one who did wrong was not Chen Cheng, but Ling Lin, who wanted to destroy my model, and was caught red-handed by Chen Cheng. If wanting to protect the company’s property is wrong, then what would happen the next time? Who would stand up to speak out? If Director insists on pushing out Chen Cheng, then this conduct, would make people cold.”

Huang De Xing was silent for a while.

Huang De Xing’s office was large enough, it had a large window, and the office was on the 20th floor. It was at the city center, looking out from here, one can see the bustling of Jiang City.

He stood in front of the window for a while. Huang De Xing slowly turns his head, looks at An Ran and says, “I promise you, I won’t fire Chen Cheng.”

An Ran faintly smiles, “Director, then what about Ling Lin’s plan to destroy my model, will you guys give me and Chen Cheng an explanation for that.”

Hearing that, Huang De Xing frowns in displeasure. He looks at An Ran and says, “An Ran, I’ve already retreated. You should stand in my shoes, after all Ling Lin has a special status, I cannot completely disregard Mayor Ling’s honour. Therefore, I will not look into this matter. As for the model, I guarantee that there won’t be any damage to it.”

An Ran turned silent. She understood the meaning behind his words, and understood his problem. A while later, she faintly starts to say, “I understand. Thank you director. If there’s nothing else, I will leave first.”

Huang De Xing nods, “You may leave.”

When she left, Ling Lin was making an announcement, watching Chen Cheng tidy up her stuff.

An Ran steps forward, looks at Ling Lin, and directly told the employees to go back, “Chen Cheng doesn’t need to leave, because the Director has already agreed not to fire her.”

“How can that be!” Ling Lin looked at her in disbelief.

An Ran doesn’t respond to her, and just glances at her. Then she turns to Chen Cheng and says, “In a moment come to my office. We have to discuss about the modifications of the sample room, we have to investigate it immediately.”

Chen Cheng stared at her blankly. After a while, does she nod, “Okay.”

“Heng.” Ling Lin was bitter, and snorts coldly as she walked away.

Not watching the play anymore, the surrounding people also naturally scattered.

Chen Cheng looked at An Ran and whispers her thanks, “Thank you.”

An Ran looks her in the eye, doesn’t say much, and just nods. She turns around to go into her office.

After work, because An Ran was with Chen Cheng in her office discussing about the flaws and inadequacies of the blueprint, thus, the time had slipped away without them realizing it. Su Yi Cheng’s call came in at this time, asking if she was off work or not. He was on the way, and will be at her office soon.

An Ran then remembered that she had a meeting with their parents at You Ran restaurant tonight. She looks at the time. It was supposed to be at 7 o’clock, and if they left now, there really wouldn’t be enough time. She quickly says to Chen Cheng, “Alright, we’ll just leave at it that now. We’ll continue to rest tomorrow.” As she says that, she was tidying her up stuff on her desk, preparing to leave.

“Uh, you have something urgent tonight?” Seeing her anxious appearance, Chen Cheng was curious and asked.

“En, I have an appointment with my parents for a meal.” An Ran explained simply, as she put her stuff away into her briefcase.

Chen Cheng nods, doesn’t say much, and tidies up her things and leaves the office.

When An Ran left the office carrying her briefcase, she saw that Chen Cheng was still reflecting on the blueprint in the hallway. The office was completely empty, with only Chen Cheng left behind, she looked lonely, and said, “Chen Cheng, you should also go home early.”

Chen Cheng nods at her, “Ok.”

Because she hadn’t much time to spare, An Ran couldn’t say much more to her, and directly brings her briefcase with her and headed downstairs. When she left the building, she caught sight of Su Yi Cheng’s car parked on the curb. Seeing her appear, he opens the door and gets out of the car. He faintly smiles and offers to take the briefcase from her and places it on the back seat. Then he opens the door to the passenger seat and allows An Ran to sit, then goes around the head of the car. Not allowing a pause, he directly starts the car and leaves.

As the two were on the way to You Ran restaurant it was almost 10 past 7. An Ran called her parents, but neither of them picked up. Thankfully this was Yi Jiao’s restaurant, so she wasn’t worried that there would be no seat. When they arrived at the entrance, Manager Zhang who was at the front desk had recognized them, smiling as he welcomed them, “Special Assistant Su, Mrs. Su.”

An Ran faintly smiles at him, “Manager Zhang.”

Not waiting for An Ran and Su Yi Cheng to ask, Manager Zhang took the lead and begins to say, “Director Su has already instructed the kitchen to serve at the ‘Flower Pavilion’ tonight. Mr. Su and the others as well as Mr. and Mrs. Gu are already there. At the moment Director Su is inside to give her greetings, and told me to inform you, to just directly go there. She has already arranged the rest.”

Su Yi Cheng nods, “Okay. Thanks.”

He goes ahead and brings An Ran to the Flower Pavilion. They hadn’t entered yet, but they could hear sounds of laughter from inside. Clearly the atmosphere was good, not at all as awkward and tense as they had imagined.

The two simultaneously glance at each other, the corner of their mouth faintly carried a smile. They nod. Su Yi Cheng politely knocks, then the door was pushed open and they entered. Smiling, he says, “Apologies, we came late.”

Grandpa Su was sitting at the head, father Su, mother Su, and father Gu, mother Gu were seated on both sides, while Su Ji Jiao was sitting beside mother Su. All had smiling faces, the atmosphere seemed to be very harmonious.

“Older brother, sister-in-law.” Yi Jiao stands up, enthusiastically pulls on An Ran’s hand.

An Ran faintly smiles at her, turns around and similarly in a loud voice, apologizes, “Mother, father, grandfather, I’m sorry, I had to work a bit overtime this evening, so I forgot the time.”

“That’s alright, no problem, work is important.” Qin Yun smiles as she spoke, “Hurry, come and sit, sit.”

An Ran nods, and sits down with Su Yi Cheng.

“Alright, everyone is present. Yi Jiao, tell the kitchen to serve.” Su Wen Qing smiles slightly and addressed to Su Yi Jiao.

“Okay.” Su Yi Jiao smiles and gets up to leave. She spoke to the waitress waiting outside the door, “You can serve.”

The waitress accepts the order, and hastens to tell the kitchen to come down and quickly serve.

Taking a sip of tea, Su Wen Qin faintly starts to speak, his tone carrying a slight tone of embarrassment, “Recently because of the matter with the troops, I couldn’t find the time to meet and chat with you, I am ashamed.”

“In-laws are too courteous, it is for the country that you must cultivate young talent, that is genuinely a big matter, of course you should prioritize it.” Gu Heng Wen said.

“You flatter me, in-law is rather the one who is cultivating young intellectual talent for the country, that is what is essential to society nowadays.” Su Wen Qing politely replies.

“Eh, in-laws—” Gu Heng Wen wanted to say something, but was forcibly interrupted.

Qin Yun who was beside him, was getting a headache watching them exchange these pretences of polite talk. She was originally a blunt person, so she simply interrupted them, “Exchanging pleasantries back and forth like that is annoying. You both are extraordinary, one cultivates intellectual talent for the country, the other cultivates the talented to guard and protect the country, both of you are amazing, stop making such modest remarks back and forth. Today we are addressing the matter of meeting Ah Cheng and An Ran, not to hear you guys exchanging modest talk.” As she spoke she addresses to Lin Xiao Fen who was seated facing her, “In-law, don’t you agree.”

Lin Xiao Fen smiles, nods, and says, “Yes yes yes, what in-law said is correct.” Saying that, she turns to look at Gu Heng Wen, carrying a slight smile.

The dishes were served quickly, and each of them were made exquisitely. It smelled fabulous, and the two families were cracking jokes, not at all awkward. Qin Yun chatted with Lin Xiao Fen about beauty routines, talked about clothes. While on the other side, Gu Heng Wen and Su Wen Qing seemed like they had known each other all along. They were discussing about their common interest in calligraphy, and even promised that if they both had time at the beginning of next month they should compare notes and exchange creative ideas.

On this side, Yi Jiao was similar in age to An Ran, and An Ran had a good impression of Su Yi Jiao, delicate, and especially made people want to protect her.

Su Yi Cheng passed a piece of dish to An Ran, and whispered to her reminding her to eat.

Although everyone was chatting about, all had seen Su Yi Cheng’s consideration. Lin Xiao Fen turned to look at her husband, the expression in her eyes seemed to say that what he said was right, An Ran was as fortunate as she was, to find such a sincere person.

Qin Yun looks on that this scene and faintly smiles.

The chatter continued on, and unknown to how it happened, the topic soon turned to the important question of when she would be having children. Qin Yun very ambiguously looks at An Ran’s stomach.

“An Ran’s pregnant?” Lin Xiao Fen was unclear thus she asked. Then she turns to stare at An Ran, asking, “An Ran, are you really pregnant?”

An Ran hadn’t yet swallowed the food in her mouth, and from that question, choked on it, coughing incessantly, “Cough cough cough…. Cough cough cough….” Her small face turned red.

Su Yi Cheng quickly gently patted her on the back, helping her breath. Su Yi Jiao beside her specially poured a cup of tea for her and passed it to her.

With difficulty An Ran managed to stop her coughing, and drank the tea to regain her breath. She lifts her head again, only to see both families staring at her, as if they were expecting some kind of answer.

An Ran, with her red face, quickly shakes her head, “N-no, I’m not pregnant….”

Hearing that Qin Yun smiles contently, “Yes, how could it be that quick, they haven’t married for long, how could they have a child that quickly.”

According to Qin Yun’s explanation, it seemed it was really so. They hadn’t been married for two months yet, even if they had a child, it would only be two months later that they would be able to tell.

“Right, right, how could you have a child that soon.” Lin Xiao Fen agrees. However, speaking of children, she actually really does wish to carry a grandchild. She bluntly says, “But you guys should remember, mustn’t use contraception, you must give me a grandchild, don’t think of working until old. Both of you are no longer young, having a child at this age is a good time.”

She was embarrassed, and protested, “Mom…”

Lin Xiao Fen frowns in displeasure, and says, “An Ran, don’t tell me you don’t want a child!” This can not be, she was almost 30, already classified as marrying and giving birth late, now she wants to wait even more to have a child, then she will be an elderly woman in childbirth, the risk was too big.

Hearing that, all eyes were on her, as if waiting for her reply.

“Puuu—” Su Yi Jiao couldn’t help but laugh. She moved closer to AN Ran and whispered to her, “Sister-in-law, the pressure must be big.”

Two generations, five elderly people were all waiting to carrying their grandson, great-grandson.

An Ran blushes. The pressure indeed was big. Besides, she didn’t say that she wasn’t going to give birth, but getting pregnant or not wasn’t something she had a say in. She turns to look at Su Yi Cheng and cried for help, only to see him still look at her with a tranquil smile, having no intention in lending a hand.

Right now An Ran wanted to cry powerless tears. Clearly today was a meeting of the parents, how, how did it become a meeting to discuss her pregnancy! She forces a smile, and An Ran felt that her smile was impossibly fake right now, “I, I didn’t say that I won’t have children, we, we will keep trying our best.”

“Ha ha! Su Yi Jiao really couldn’t hold it in, disregarding her image she laughed out loud. Seeing An Ran’s face so red as if it was set fire, she asks cheekily, “Sister-in-law, how are you guys doing your best?”

An Ran’s face reddens even more from that question. She was quickly about to cry out, right now if there were a hole, she would quickly jump into it, and not come up anymore.

Su Yi Cheng now reaches out and holds her, wrapping his arms around her and pulls her close to his chest. He glares at Yi Jiao, and jokingly scolds her, “Cheeky brat.”

Yi Jiao charmingly spits her tongue out, unable to hide her smile.

Qin Yun and everyone else finally come back to their senses. Hearing An Ran’s answer alleviated their apprehensions. But seeing how their daughter-in-law was so embarrassed, they stood by her and looked at Yi Jiao, “Really, Yi Jiao, don’t be cheeky, taking the advantage that everyone is here, why don’t you go on and tell us about your issue, you’re also no longer young, how long are you going to be dallying for?”

Speaking of that, Yi Jiao’s head turns big, and protested, “Mom, today is about older brother and sister-in-law, why is the topic on me. Don’t divert the topic!”

Not waiting for Qin Yun to reply, Su Yi Cheng faintly smiles, “Doesn’t matter, your sister-in-law and I are more concerned about that topic, why don’t you tell us, no need to be polite.”

Su Yi jiao turns to stare at him. How could she forget about something important as that, he clearly was a man with a big smile and evil intentions!

Generally speaking, apart from the subject of having children which made An Ran gloomy, tonight’s family gathering was quite a happy occasion.

Because all were going to drive back home, everyone in the room did not touch alcohol. After the meal, An Ran and Su Yi Cheng sent Lin Xiao Fen and Gu Heng Wen back, while father Su had a soldier waiting for them, so they were not worried.

Sending the Gu parents back to their building, stepping forward, Lin Xiao Fen pulls on Su Yi Cheng’s hand, and earnestly says, “Ah Cheng, from now on I will hand An Ran over to you. You don’t need to be a millionaire, but you must give her happiness.” This was a mother’s most simple, best wish for her daughter.

Su Yi Cheng understood the expectation in her words. He tightens his hold on her hand, looks at An Ran, and nods, assuring her, “Don’t worry mom, I will!”



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