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First Marriage Then Love 《先婚厚爱》Chapter 115 Translation

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115 Going home

Staying in the hospital for 3 days, after the doctor determined that everything was normal, on the afternoon of the 4th day, Su Yi Cheng specially arranged his schedule and went to the hospital to pick her up for  home.

In fact, during the two or three days of hospitalization, with the exception of going to work, Su Yi Cheng was in the hospital almost all the  time. He went home to simply take a shower, changed his clothes, and then rushed back to the hospital. An Ran was somewhat worried that his body would not be able to take it and wanted to let him go back to sleep for one  night, but he resolutely refused, saying that he would stay with her and the child. An Ran was unable to dissuade him, and she was distressed that even though his work pressure was so great, he still had to rush around for  her. 

Finally, on the afternoon of the 4th day, after all the routine as well as unconventional examinations were done, the doctor said that she could be discharged from the hospital, and An Ran was relieved.

Before going back, An Ran went to look at father Lin's condition. Father Lin look much better than he had the previous days, and she also heard from Lin Li that the hospital has already arranged the time for his surgery.  The doctor had arranged for a specialist surgeon in stomach cancer to come and conduct the surgery. Lin Li and mother Lin are all happy for this piece of news, and An Ran is also happy for them.

The two went back home with their things, had only opened the door to change shoes at the entrance when suddenly from out of the living room, someone smiled and said to them, "Master is back, this must be the Missus."  The person who spoke is a 50-ish middle-aged women. Looking at them,  smiling and laughing, stepped forward and took over the things in Su Yi  Cheng’s hand and said, "I will put these things away."

An Ran turned to look at Su Yi Cheng with a puzzled look. completely didn’t understand what was going on. She asked, "She, who is she?"

Not waiting for Su Yi Cheng to answer, the middle-aged woman smiled, turned and looked at An Ran, "I am the auntie who was hired by Master, and Missus  please called me Auntie Zhang."

An Ran looked at her with a dry smile, her expression very unnatural. It seems it was too sudden and she seemed unable to react and could not digest the information. Turning to look at Su Yi Cheng, the expression is a bit weird, unable to tell her emotional state.

Su Yi Cheng indulgently caresses her head and turned to Auntie Zhang and said, "Auntie Zhang, first put these things away. After that, go to the kitchen and make some noodles for An Ran. She hadn't eaten since noon."

Auntie Zhang heard this and nodded again and again, "Ai Ai, will do will do, I will do so right away."

Su Yi Cheng nodded, then turned and smiled, took An Ran’s hand and went straight back to their room.

"This, she, you..." Sitting on the bed, An Ran pointed at the door, then pointing to Su Yi Cheng, "Ai Yah, just what is going on here?"

Su Yi Cheng was tickled by her confused appearance. He stretched out and placed her hand in his, saying to her with a laughing tone, "Auntie Zhang is the nanny I hired. Now that you are pregnant, and I have to go to work.  There are many situations where I can't be with you and take care of you,  so let auntie Zhang take care of you during those times, and she can also help  to clean the house as well."

"I, I can take care of myself. I can clean the place myself. I don't have a  job right now anyways. I can do these things myself." When did she become so delicate that someone must be specially hired to take care of her? Besides, it feels strange for the family to suddenly have an extra person. She also still wants to take advantage of this period where she's without a job to improve her lame culinary skills, she cannot always expect for Su Yi Cheng to prepare dinner for her everyday after work now can she?! "It’s so strange to suddenly have more people in the house."

"En, I know." Su Yi Cheng looked at her nodding and held onto her small hand and said, "But you are different now, you are pregnant, you have our baby in the stomach, I don't want you to be tired."

An Ran looked at him, and after a moment she said with a sullen voice, "Are you afraid that I cannot take good care of your little lover?"

"Haha." Su Yi Cheng laughed, reached out and took her into his arms, and gently stroked her back, saying, "I care more about the little lover's mother."

An Ran poked his chest with her hand and said with a sullen voice, "You only know to say sweet nothings."

Su Yi Cheng smiled, held her for a while, only then does he speaks,"Let's get Auntie Zhang to come twice a week to help clean the house first, after the pregnancy advances, then let us get her to come over every day. Is that  alright?"

An Ran leaned into his arms and nodded gently. "En." She is a relatively conservative person. Some things are always difficult to accept on short notice. She needs ample time for her to accept things slowly. But it is strange that for their marriage, although the time is short, and there wasn't much time to know each other but she can adjust very well. It can  even be said that the compatibility between them was amazing. Even now as  she is leaning against him like this and acting spoilt in his arms, she didn’t feel awkward at all. She didn’t feel uncomfortable at all, as if the two were supposed to be like this.

Just when the two were embracing each other, the door was knocked. It was Auntie Zhang who had finished cooking the noodles and told them to go out to eat.

Auntie Zhang’s cooking is good, it was simple and unpretentious, but the taste is very homely.

The noodles was made in a big portion, An Ran had actually eaten at noon,  but after she ate she vomited twice, and almost all the things that were  eaten at noon were spit out. But even so, she was not very hungry.

An Ran tried very hard to eat half of the bowl of noodles but it was just too much.  An Ran tried to eat for a long time, and there was still more than half of the bowl of noodles left. An Ran frowned and creased her brows, looking up at Su Yi  Cheng sitting opposite her.

"Eat a bit more." Su Yi Cheng coaxed her to eat more. At noon, he had watched her vomit out what she had eaten. The whole person even seemed  partially dehydrated, and her face became whitish. Really, after seeing that he was really worried.

An Ran shook her head, she really couldn't eat anymore, she originally only had a small appetite and the soup bowl of this big bowl completely exceeded her capacity, and she did not have an invincible stomach like Lin Li that could hold endless amounts of food.

Su Yi Cheng shook his head, reached out and place the noodles in front of himself, and took the chopsticks in her hand. Then he began using the chopsticks to eat and finish the remaining bowl of noodles, completely not  minding that this was her leftovers. 

When auntie Zhang finished cleaning up the living room and saw this she thought he was also hungry. She said embarrassed, "Why not, why not I make another bowl? Just now master only instructed me to make for Missus and I didn't think much so I only made a bowl. If master is hungry too, I will  cook it now. It will not take long. Soon, you will be able to eat." She turned around as she finish, fully intend to go into the kitchen and re-make a bowl of noodles for Su Yi Cheng.

When she saw this, she hurriedly said, "Don't bother auntie Zhang." she explained and said, "It's just I can't finish it, so Yi Cheng helped me to finish the rest."

auntie Zhang was stunned, looked at An Ran and looked at Su Yi Cheng again, and her mouth was slightly open. After a while, she said, "The feelings of master and his wife are really good!"

An Ran looked at Su Yi Cheng with a funny look and turned to ask her, "Just because he helped me eat the bowl of noodles?"

"In our hometown, men don't eat the leftovers of woman's food. Even if it is leftovers it's also the woman who eats men's leftover food, because men are the sky, and as the head of the family he must be the first to eat. Women can't let men eat leftovers, even if there are leftovers, they can only be dumped away." auntie Zhang said matter of factly.

"Which era is it now, now we are even striving for equality between men and women. What's with the saying that men are like the sky?" An Ran said with disapproval.

"That is only what people in big cities say, in our rural areas, the man is the sky." auntie Zhang said earnestly.

An Ran smiled at her and did not made more arguments with her. When she turned her head, she saw that Su Yi Cheng had finished eating and put down the chopsticks, but he was watching her with a smile. auntie Zhang was quick to go forward, picked up the tableware on the bar top and placed the tableware directly into the sink. Su Yi Cheng pulled the paper towel on the table, wiped the corner of his mouth, reached out and pulled over her hand, and looked at her elbow at the scar on the wound. His fingertips gently touched it and he looked up and asked her. "Does it still hurt?"

An Ran laughed, shook her head and said, "It wasn't that painful originally."

Su Yi Cheng also laugh, faintly, gently, and then said, "Are you tired? Let's go back home later, let's visit mother and father, and tell them that you're expecting."

An Ran did not think much, instinctively thought he was talking about going back to the Su family compound, nodded, "Okay."

An Ran entered the room to change first. When she came out, she only saw that Su Yi Cheng was conversing with auntie Zhang in the living room. auntie Zhang frequently nodded saying yes. Seeing An Ran was out, nodded to her with a smile. Then looked at Su Yi Cheng and asked, "Then I will clean up every Wednesday and Saturday. Do you think it is appropriate?"

Su Yi Cheng nodded. "That's fine, then I will have to trouble auntie Zhang in future."

"Ai, what is master saying, I am here to work anyways, I took the money to work, there is no trouble there." auntie Zhang said, scratching her head in embarrassment.

Su Yi Cheng also entrusted a lot of duties to auntie Zhang, and most of them were An Ran’s habits and preferences. he even knew things that An Ran were not aware of.


Gentle music was playing in the car, and the soft listening music was very comfortable. Su Yi Cheng fixedly looked at the road ahead. The car was not moving fast. It was overtaken by a lot of cars, but it was not in a rush, so it was still driven smoothly, he does not pursue speed, the most important is a smooth and safe drive.

The eyes were fixed at the front, with a slight smile at the corner of the mouth, and one hand held An Ran's hand tightly. All this way, he has been watched by someone, and she has been looking at him all the way from when they first boarded. For someone who always like to look at the scenery outside the window, this time to completely take him as the scenery outside the window, and even have a look of fascination on her face, it's quite a unique feeling.

Seeing another corner approaching, Su Yi Cheng finally couldn't help but asked her, "Mrs. Su, how long are you going to stare at me like this?"

It seems that she has been waiting for him to ask, but An Ran did not answer his question. She only asked in a rush, "How do you know that I dislike* everything that is powdery, and that I don't like eating carrots, even knowing that I like apples but dislike eating bananas. Know that I like to use the Hello Kitty cat cups when I drink coffee, but I must have the Spongebob baby's mug when I drink water!" These are things that even she did not notice, but when she just listened to him explaining these to auntie Zhang, only then does she noticed her awkward quirks, and then when she sat down in the car and thought about all that he had said. He actually got it all right, it was not 90%, nor 99% right, but it is 100% correct, every single one with no exception!

Su Yi Cheng turned and looked at her. He turned the steering wheel and turned the car straight into the neighborhood where the Gu’s family was.  He stopped slowly in front of the building, then reply lightly and gently, “You do these things repeatedly almost everyday. The more you do them and the more I saw it being done so naturally I remembered."

An Ran looked at him, fixedly watching, her heart warmed. Indeed those are things she do every day, but they were but small and ordinary actions, and what was touching was he could still remember such mundane ordinary stuff, and then one by one remember them by heart. Compared to herself, this wife seems to be too incompetent. She doesn’t know his preferences at all, doesn’t understand his habits, and even fails to even make a normal simple meal. Thinking of this, she unhappily turned around, bowed her head and muttered, "Am I very incompetent? I don't even know what you like or dislike." Compared to him, she is really somewhat defeated.

Su Yi Cheng smiled and leaned over to bring her body over. He smiled and looked at her seriously and said, "What do you want to know, you can ask me, I will tell you everything."

"That's meaningless." An Ran whispered. It's because she didn't know, and because she was surprised he did so much without her knowing, that's what was so touching and unexpected. If he had been asked about everything, it was nothing more than memorization, there's nothing novel and unexpected about that.

"Then I'll pretended not to know, pretend it to be a surprise." Su Yi Cheng coaxed her.

An Ran glanced at him with an exasperated look, looking at him with a face that's trying not to smile, said, "Great Leader Su, Deputy Mayor Su, don’t you know the whole country is now campaigning against fake goods*? You know the law yet you still want to take the lead to break them!"

Su Yi Cheng didn't hold back and laugh wholeheartedly. "Can you make a more valid comparison?" Fake and pretend indeed, the two should be completely different concepts.

An Ran smiled satisfactorily, and now noticed that the car had stopped. "Are we already here?" An Ran turned in confusion. Has he driven too fast or was there a shortcut, she obviously remembers it hasn't been long before getting in the car! Thinking so, inadvertently looking outside, she noticed the scene outside the window, turned around and looked at him, and asked surprised, "Ehh, aren't we going back to the military compound?" He  said to go home, she thought that he was talking about the Su family in the military compound, but he did not expect him to refer to her family.

Su Yi Cheng faintly laughed. "We didn't have a good time to visit mother after she was discharged from the hospital. Today is the weekend. I think she and father should not be at work." he eyed her belly and said, "We can also take the chance to tell them that they are going to be grandparents."

An Ran looked at him, he was always thinking much more than she thought, whether it was for her or her family. In front of him, she felt that she was somewhat useless, she had just understood that she was not a qualified wife, and now she learned that she is not only a not qualified wife, but even not qualified as a daughter. As a child, she have not done her filial piety duty to her parents. Despite having not been at work for several days, she have never come home to see them.

Whispering with some dissatisfaction she said to him, "Can you not be so perfect, this will make me feel that I am so bad."

Su Yi Cheng laughed, reached out and rubbed her head. "Let's go, let's alight."

An Ran nodded, followed him to open the door and get off the car.

Su Yi Cheng was correct. As he said, Lin Xiaofen and Gu Hengwen did not go to work. When they were going over, Lin Xiaofen was in the kitchen boiling chicken soup. She had spent most of the day on the soup. The  chicken was bought in the traditional market early in the morning, and was of a good stock. Lin Xiaofen had boiled the soup intending to sent it to An Ran and Su Yi Cheng at night. In fact, the soup was an excuse. She hadn’t seen her daughter for so long. Of course she still miss her.

Gu Hengwen did not go to work today as well. At this moment, he is practicing calligraphy in the study room. As for why he is so free, it is already summer vacation. The senior high school graduating class has already completed the college entrance examination more than a month ago. This time his class is the newly promoted third years and because of the summer vacation, the curriculum is not too tight, so when there is no class, there is still more free time.

The doorbell rang, Lin Xiaofen came out of the kitchen with the apron around her and went straight to open the door. When the door opened she did not manage to give a response, she saw Su Yi Cheng smiled and called after her, "Mom."

Lin Xiaofen was overjoyed. she looked at him, smiled and asked, "Yi Cheng, how come you are here, Where's An Ran? Didn't you come over together?" After looking behind him, there was no sign of An Ran.

Su Yi Cheng smiled, reached out to the wall and pulled An Ran over. he  said, "She said she wanted to face the wall as punishment, she felt that she hadn’t been home for so long and feels ashamed."

An Ran smiled impishly and looked at Lin Xiaofen, then childishly spit out her tongue.

Lin Xiaofen look at her exasperated. "You still know to feel shame, oh, I thought that once you got married, once you have a husband, you don't want your father or mother anymore." It is said that a daughter is like water that have been splashed out, once married, she will not want to come back home anymore.

"When have I done so." An Ran whispered in protest, then whispered in an even lower voice, "If it was not you at the beginning, always saying I was bothering you when I'm at home and even wish me to be married sooner, now you blame me for not returning home. Whether I do or not do, it is always wrong wrong wrong."

"You still dare to reason ah you." Lin Xiaofen lightly scolded. Then she turned and said to Su Yi Cheng, "Yi Cheng, come come, hurry into the house."

This is obvious different in treatment, An Ran complained whispering, "This differential treatment? Mom, don't forget I am the one that's your daughter."

Lin Xiaofen’s ears are just fine, and picked up all her whispered complains, said, "Ah Cheng this half son is much better than someone of my own blood."

An Ran turned her head and deliberately ignore her, seemingly to be avoiding her gaze. Her hand gently pulled someone's clothes corner and motioned for him to come to the rescue.

Su Yi Cheng received the order, smiled and walked in the middle of her and An Ran, watching her and seriously ask, "How is mom feeling recently? Recently I have been busy with the bidding of the Ke Ji City project, and don't have time to come back with An Ran, and I am a little worried about leaving An Ran alone, so when she said she wants to go, it's me that don't want to let her, out of my worries for her." It's a simple sentence, yet it reveals his concerns, his love. It also gives a simple explanation of the reason why An Ran did not come back, but it just touches on the subject adequately and does not give you a feeling of being deliberate or deceitful.

Lin Xiaofen also didn’t say much. In fact, she was not really angry with An Ran after all. Those angry words are just teasing her for fun. She still care about her in her heart. Just looking at how he protects An Ran, it sets her heart at ease. Regarding Su Yi Cheng as a son-in-law, she is satisfied beyond words.

She said with a light smile, "I'm fine, don't worry about me, but it's you I'm concern about. I read the newspaper and I heard about the Ke Ji City project. You must pay more attention to your body."

Su Yi Cheng nodded, said, "I will, mom does not have to worry about me."

Lin Xiaofen took a can of beverage from the refrigerator and handed it to Su Yi Cheng but not to An Ran. An Ran only felt a little thirsty so she reached out for the can of drink given to Su Yi Cheng. When she opened the can and was about to drink, the drink in her hand was suddenly taken away.

Su Yi Cheng slightly frowned, looked at her slightly disapproving, and asked, "Can you still drink ice drinks now!?"

An Ran suddenly reacted and rushed to correct her attitude and said, "I will get some boiled water."

Lin Xiaofen looked at them strangely, feeling that they seemed to be acting strangely. She couldn’t help but curiously asked, "What is it?"

Su Yi Cheng smiled and said to Lin Xiaofen, "Mom, in fact, we have good news to tell you and Dad today."

"What good news?" Lin Xiaofen asked with a smile.

Su Yi Cheng took a look at An Ran, reached out and held her hand, then turned and fixedly watching Lin Xiaofen said, "Mom, An Ran is pregnant."

Hearing this, Lin Xiaofen was stunned, looked at him then turned to look at An Ran. Finally, her eyes stared straight at An Ran’s stomach. As if she couldn’t believe it, she looked up and asked, "An Ran, are you really pregnant?"

An Ran was a little embarrassed, but she nodded and whispered, "En." Her face was slightly red, her mouth was smiling with a faint smile, a smile full of content and happiness.

Lin Xiaofen was still stunned for a while, and only after a bit does she reacted and smiled. "hahaha, that's great." As she was saying this, she went to the study room. "Old Gu, you are going to be a grandfather!..."

------End of Chapter------

*dislike - the term can mean hate or dislike but I feel hate is too strong an emotion to attribute to what was being said, also IMO I feel the word hate is being thrown around too often nowadays without really truly understanding what it is 
*fake goods - counterfeit goods shares the same pronunciation as pretend

I just love those little moments.. and there's so many of those in this chapter!

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